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Quik-Pak (QP-1) bicycle cargo trailer:



DescriptionSKU #Price
Quik-PakQP-1$199.99 ( Summer sale!) Shipping included to lower USA.

  Quik-Pak Bicycle cargo trailer (QP-1):  $199.99  (complete with hitch and one hitch ball mount)

New  2016 metal hitch and hitch mount balls:

Includes two 10.7mm hitch balls. The old ball (15mm) is no longer available. This allows you to replace the original hitch ball on the origianal mount, and have a second ball for a second bike.

 2016 metal hitch ball mount

Allows you to replace the original Delrin (plastic) hitch, and hitch your Quik-Pak trailer to more than one machine.

Key Benefits:

  • Stronger 2016 metal hitch
  • Fits most bikes with flat left rear dropout.
DescriptionSKU #Price:
Metal hitch mountMHM$30.00 (Shipping included to lower USA)

2016 metal hitch and hitch balls:  $30.00

 Quik-Pak transport case: 

Quik-Pak transport case 





When you want a secure case to ship your Quik-Pak 

Key Benefits:

  • Heavy weight water-resistant fabric
  • Zips shut for secure transportation
  • Side pocket allow carrying other gear
DescriptionSKU #Price:
Quik-Pak transport caseQPTC$90.00 (Shipping included to lower USA)

      Quik-Pak transport case, QPTC:  $90.00

Quik-Pak cargo-hold coverCargo-hold lid for all Quik-Pak trailers:

Replaces cargo-hold cover for your Quik-Pak trailer.

Key benefits:

  • Waterproof coated polyester fabric
  • Reflective tape on rear surface
  • Bungee cord system included
DescriptionSKU #Price:
Replacement cargo-hold lidQPCHL$55.00 (Shipping included to lower USA)

   Quik-Pak cargo-hold lid, QPCHL (yellow):  $55.00

waterproof cargo hold: (frame not included)

 Quik-Pak cargo hold

Cargo hold for all Quik-Pak trailers: 

Key Benefits:

  • Waterproof coated polyester fabric
  • 6000 cu.-in. volume
DescriptionSKU #Price:
Replacement cargo-hold (black)QPCH$55.00 (Shipping included to lower USA)

   Quik-Pak cargo hold, QPCH (black):  $55.00 



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