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Visualizing your bicycle touring adventure:  

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Self-contained Touring Equipment List:

  Be prepared for every kind of weather you may encounter.  Careful planning includes making sure your equipment is not duplicated nor omitted. Everyone’s choice of clothing is different, but keep extras to a minimum.  While riding the bike you will want clothing that is functional, comfortable, wicks away perspiration, and is brightly colored for visibility.  One good breathable rain jacket with underarm, side and back vents may be used for a wide temperature range if layers are used underneath.  You will not stay dry when it is raining, regardless of what you wear, but you want to keep warm, so you should keep your upper body as dry as possible.  Street clothes should be lightweight and comfortable.  Shoes are bulky and heavy, so try to bring multi-purpose, lightweight shoes that can serve for both walking and as slippers.  Select your clothes so you are comfortable.  You won’t need dress clothes, because, as a bicycle tourist, everyone accepts what you wear.   

Your gear:  Touring with panniers on your bike can be the cheapest way to start, but they do affect the handling of your bike much more than a well designed trailer.  Whether you are using panniers or a trailer, you will want to separate your gear into categories so they are quick and easy to find.  Pack the things you want quickly so they are the most accessible.   It is miserable if you cannot reach your water, rain gear or first aid kit when needed. 

Cycling clothes:  

Cycling shoes (SPD style are easiest to walk with, plus extra cleats)                  

2-3 pr. socks (cotton and/or wool, consider the weather)                                

2-3 jerseys or shirts                                                            

2-3 pr. cycling shorts (the extra padding is worth it)                                                       

Breathable lightweight rain gear with vents under the arms                   

Extra pr. cycling gloves  (short or full fingered)                

Tights or leg warmers                                                    

Long sleeve jersey that wicks away moisture (polypropylene)           

  Street clothes:  

Lightweight pants/shorts/shirts             


Underwear (polypropylene?)

Long underwear for sleeping or layering   (It’s cold in the morning)                                                                                                  

Hat or cap with brim for sun protection                                                                                        

Fleece vest, jacket or sweater

Shower sandals?


Housing/sleeping, etc.:  

Lightweight backpacking tent/poles               

Ground cloth for under tent                             

Thermarest sleeping pad (avoid copies)          

Equipment cover (lightweight nylon tarp)       

Down sleeping bag (+20 degree 3 season)       

Pillow/pillow sack (use you jackets)              


Cook set (2 pots, frying pan, mug, etc.)                                                                 

Knives, forks, spatulas, etc.

Lightweight folding portable kitchen (spices, pot scrubber, etc.) (See photos)



Matches or disposable lighters

Lightweight backpacker’s stove

Windscreen for stove

Fuel/fuel bottle (white gas or butane)                                                                                             

Snacks/trail mix with fiber

Dish rag/dish towel

Table Cloth (Lightweight nylon)

Mesh bag to dry utensils

Ziploc bags


Food items (just add water +?)  



Tooth brush/toothpaste                                      

Dental floss                                                        

Nail clippers                                                       



Wash cloth/towel (super-absorbent)                                     

Washcloth bag                                                    


Sewing kit/needles and thread                         

  First-aid kit: (Personalize):  

Band-aids/larger bandages



Anti-bacterial first aid cream

  Tools/repair items:  

Multi-tool pliers (Gerber or Leatherman)

Multi-tool bicycle tool (Allen wrenches/screwdrivers)                   

2-4 spare tubes                                                              

1-2 spare tires                                                               

2-3 patch kits (Rema)/tire levers                                  

Chain tool/extra links                                                     

Brake and gear cables/brake pads                                                

Tire boot (auto tire patches work well)                        

Shock cords/bungees                                                    

Chain lube (LPS #3 or?)

Zip ties (two sizes)

Duct tape (partial roll)/electric tape                                                                            

Extra spokes or Fiberfix spokes /Spoke wrench                                                                         

Spare nuts and bolts                                                      

Pressure gauge

Presta to Schraeder adapter

Brake pads

  Miscellaneous (not less important):

  Tire pump/ CO2 cartridge system

Water bottles/Camelbak ( 1+ gal./person/day).  Water bag for in camp use (2+ gal.)

Reading materials (Bible/books)

Food and energy supplements (You need all the energy you can find)


LED flashlight/camp lamp (Use your bicycle light if possible)

Lock/light cable combination


Emergency cash/credit cards

Halt/pepper spray (dog repellant)

Camera (10X zoom is nice)


25-50 ft. of nylon rope (clothes line, etc.)

Insect repellant


Extra glasses/prescription

Wallet/purse/money or cards

Cell phone/charger

Suntan lotion (spf 30)

Chap stick/lip gloss (spf 30)

Notebook for journal/ pen or pencils

Eye wear/sunglasses

  Cycling Resources:

**Loose Screws, Ashland, OR,, Awesome source for small and hard to find bicycle parts (The best small bicycle parts)

  Bike Nashbar, 4111 Simon Rd., Youngstown, OH  44512-1343, Orders:  1-800-627-4227, Info:  1 216-788-6464, Good prices, broad selection, many sale items

  Performance Bicycle, One Performance way, P.O. Box 2741, Chapel Hill, NC  27514, Orders:  1-800-727-2453, Info:  1-800-727-2433, Good prices and broad selection

  Colorado Cyclist, 3970 Bijou St., Colorado Springs, CO  80909-9946, Orders:  1-800-688-8600, Info:  1-719-591-4040, High end road and mountain racing bike oriented.

  Harris Cyclery, West Newton, MA, phone:  1-617-244-1040 A real bike shop, willing to make special orders.  Check out (An awesome bicycle resource site)

  **Campmor, P.O. Box 680-A, Mahwah, NJ  07430-0680 Excellent outdoor gear equipment source, Great prices and good selection, some closeouts (My favorite)

  REI, Sumner, WA  98352, 1-800-426-4840 Excellent source for touring bikes, and outdoor equipment.  Checkout REI-OUTLET for closeout sales

  Sierra Trading Post, Cheyenne, WY, Outdoor overstock catalog, 

  Rivendell Bicycle Works, 1561-B Third Ave., Walnut Creek, CA  94596, phone:  1-925-933-7304, Custom bicycle frames, etc.  Some retro items

  Peter White Cycles, 666 Mass Ave., Acton, MA  01720, some hard to find touring gear

  Young Originals, P.O. Box 28, 89 Perch Lake, Somerset Center, MI  49282, Orders: 1-800-470-3359, Custom tailored outdoor clothing, excellent quality, Not cycling specific, overstock items at good prices

  Map & Go and Street Atlas, Computer mapping programs that allows you to evaluate your route

   Google maps, Computer mapping resource to help evaluate your route


Additional Computer Links:

(All links are www. sites) (not just bikes, my favorite),, (maps, routes),,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

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